Hwy 218 Immediate Safety Initiative in NC - We Demand Action Now!

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Deadly accidents and dangerous conditions have grown on Hwy 218 in Mint Hill and Union County considerably. Citizens no longer feel safe. Constituents have fervently requested solutions, yet none can be done according to NCDOT and local leaders. Unacceptable! We need a solution and now!

NC Hwy 218 begins at NC 51 Mint Hill (Mecklenburg County & Town of Mint Hill) and ends US 74 Polkton (Anson County). Hwy 218 spans a total of 33 miles, yet the only problem there seems to be an issue with is in Union County, entering into Mint Hill.

As a constituent myself who personally lives almost at the corner of Hwy 218 & Mill Grove Road, my family and I constantly hear the sirens going down our road or Rock Hill Church Road, we all immediately say there is another accident. Unfortunately, there are many others who are concerned and who have expressed their fears the correct way and nothing continues to get done. As constituents of Union County and Mint Hill (Mecklenburg County) we are demanding, no longer asking for something to be done.

Based on Nextdoor.com, there are 1319 citizens who access this highway possibly on a daily basis. In actuality, there are more citizens accessing this road which, unfortunately, I do not currently have a total of. I am working learning the accurate numbers now by contacting the proper local departments. The NCDOT website for current projects, you will not find any project attempting to help prevent some of these accidents literally right at our doors, a constant issue within our area and a deadly one to some. How does this make any sense and why is our government ignoring us? It's unacceptable and we can tolerate it no longer!

A neighbor in Ashe Plantation kindly informed me that the accidents are starting between 485 and the county line (just past AP) in Mint Hill. The three big neighborhoods that are affected are Ashe Plantation, Olde Sycamore and Plantation Falls - ALL located in Mint Hill! An average of 850 people in only three neighborhoods just based off of Nextdoor's numbers has to deal with these dangers, daily! The citizens in these neighborhoods can barely make it out of their neighborhood safely, some being literally in a curve where they cannot be seen by approaching vehicles. The highway is 55 mph for most of it and no one slows down around these areas.That's a lot of lives that are being impacted! Another neighbor who lives on Brief Road, small road, says she has 18 wheelers driving there regularly. That road is not wide enough in some areas for such big vehicle, then cars coming in the opposite direction. It's an accident waiting to happen!

Tractor trailers seem to be well mixed in with cars and SUV's in these accidents, some overturning. A 58 yr old male motorcyclist lost his life just past Olde Sycamore Drive, located in Mint Hill, according to WBTV. (1) With all the crashes everyone is having, I hate to say this but another fatality is sure to come! Also, keep in mind that if you have children who attend elementary school, Fairview Elementary for many of us means we will at some point have to turn onto Hwy 218, at 7:15 am - a very busy time on this highway. Do you think that any of these people do not feel some level of fear when on this highway? If you do not, you are mistaken. I personally know this fear and those who can actually make a change and help, ask yourself this. How would you like your children to have to deal with this on a daily basis, in fear of being in an accident, or your parents who are trying to get groceries out in such dangerous traffic? You wouldn't and you would not tolerate it! Neither will we!

If you truly do not understand our dilemma, please see for yourself. Simply google "accidents on 218 in NC". View the Fairview Fire Department's Call History in Union County. Many are for HWY 218 alone. This issue is affecting two primary areas - Mint Hill & Union County. You will clearly understand why we need a solution and see why we are so adamant about receiving one. We demand a change! As a community who cares for one another. A community who has repeatedly been denied for help. We all know this is wrong and we are coming together as one, to fight for change! We are fighting for the right to have a safe road to use for various reasons, coming together as one! Mint Hill & Union County UNITED! It's unsafe. 

We come to you for change. As our former president accurately stated, "Change will NOT COME if we WAIT for some other person or some other time. WE are the ones WE'VE been waiting for. WE are the CHANGE THAT WE SEEK." - Barack Obama

We are here and asking for change. Save lives. Help our community become safe once more. 

 Source -(1).http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article176357731.html



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