NCC Acknowledgement of Country

NCC Acknowledgement of Country

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Recently a friend brought to my attention that our school does not participate in the 'Acknowledgement of Country' (which is diffrent to Welcome to Country) - which is a short 30s speach done once a week and during large gatherings Eg. Assembly, Chapel, ANZAC Day, to acknowledge that our school sits upon Aboriginal land - but instead ignores this when so many other schools choose to do this not out of respect, but because it is right and unjust to not do so. I was told that when my friend brought this to the attention of the school they sat around and said 'Uhhh, I'm not sure if we can fit this in our schedule' which is an abhorrent violation of not only of racial and cultural respect, but QCAA procedure. According to the QCAA - which Miss Davies says we should always follow - "It is appropriate to give an Acknowledgment of Country at the start of a meeting or daily proceedings. Often individuals involved in speaking throughout a day or within meetings will also provide a personal Acknowledgment of Country...An Acknowledgment of Country is both a personal and professional protocol" ( If we cannot trust our school to do this, to recognize the rights and importance of the Aboriginal peoples, then how can we trust them to effectively teach us in matters of right and wrong, and most importantly how can they call themselves a christian school, if they do not embody the key christian values of respect and love? This is why, I have created this petition, to make a difference in our school society and school environment. If you have read this far then I encourage you to take 10s to sign your name down, every signature counts and you alone could be responsible for creating great change in our school community. Thank you 


1. All school gatherings (assembly's, chapels, awards nights), will have an acknowledgement of country.

2. Our school will invest in Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander flags for the flagpole at the senior school basketball courts.

3. Greater recognition and respect for first nations peoples at our school