Tell the NCAA to let Emily Scheck run!

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Emily Scheck is a distance runner at Canisius College in Buffalo New York.  This year, she was completely disowned by her family when they found out via social media that she is gay.  That left her penniless.  Her friends created a GoFundMe page to help her pay tuition, books and food costs.  The NCAA says that violated a policy it has against crowdfunding.  Despite her extenuating circumstances, they told her she had to return the money or lose her eligibility to run.  She has already lost so much.   Taking away her ability to run competitively for her school is heartless.    

Humanity demands we take care of human beings in need.  NCAA runners and coaches should sign this petition and share it with other Cross Country runners to let the NCAA know that they should make an exception to the policy.  

Distance runners know that when times are hard and life is difficult, running competitively is our sanity.   Taking away Emily's NCAA eligibility at a time when she lost her parents, her siblings, and her security--  is kicking someone when they are already down.   It doesn't hurt anyone and it doesn't hurt the spirit of competition to LET HER RUN.      If you agree.. please share this with every cross country runner you know.. and your coaches.   And even if you aren't a runner, sign if you support this!