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Restitution for college athlete.

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In America we as a nation love sports. Not just any sports but college sports. College athletes deserve to be paid for their hard work. We eat sleep breath sports. We buy memorabilia, season tickets, have major cookouts, and even paint our bodies in support of our men and women who play on a court or field. These athletes train year in and year out for our entertainment. How many benefits do they receive? Studies have shown that even though an athlete receives a full ride to school only 32 percent actually graduate The NCAA tried to show athletes graduating rate higher than what is really was In a chart done in 2012 the NCAA makes 705 billion dollars of all revenue from college sports At least 192.6 million dollars is generated just for one school So with that how much money does the colleges receive from the players? The biggest argument is sports is do college athletes deserve to be paid. The reason they say they do not pay them is if one college paid their players they all would have to. Well duh of course you would all have to start paying. The colleges say they do not have enough money to play all players in all sports. This brings up the question how much are you paying the coaches. They are not the ones who are getting hurt, they help guide the team The fact that our coaches make more that the majority of scholarships tells me that colleges have the ability to pay all players. How many people sponsor college sports, and how much money is spent on names alone.$.aspx. Did you know that players sell the rights to their own names away for the colleges to make money of that. Yet the players does not see any of that money. This is a real issue in sports. It have been a conversation for a long time. Please come join me in this movement. These hard working men and women are not just players on a court or gladiators on a field. They are people who deserve more than just a free ride room and board. What happens to the players who do not get to finish their sport do to injury what do they have to show. It is time to look at all angles and address the time and effort put in to our sports.

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