Request NCAA & Big Ten Conference Investigate Ohio State Sexual Abuse Cover-up

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Rather than taking the road paved by Michigan State when it worked out a settlement with hundreds of Larry Nassar sexual abuse victims, The Ohio State University is moving in the opposite direction by taking steps to avoid accountability and responsibility for its failures that allowed Dr. Richard Strauss to sexually abuse hundreds, if not thousands, of OSU students and student-athletes.

The University refuses to voluntarily do the right thing for these survivors—its own alumni.

We are asking that the NCAA and Big Ten Conference investigate Ohio State for intentionally covering up Dr. Strauss’s sexual abuse of approximately 1,500 students and student‐athletes, committed over the course of two decades, and force the University to take action designed to ensure that future students attending Ohio State are protected from sexual predators. Sports Illustrated calls this, “The most sweeping sex abuse scandal in the history of American higher education—to say nothing of the history of college sports.”

With leadership from the NCAA and the Big Ten Conference, they can address the problem in a meaningful way, both to prevent this from ever happening again and to bring closure to the innocent survivors of serial sexual abuse committed by Ohio State’s former team doctor.

Make your voice heard and help these survivors obtain the justice they deserve.

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