Move NCAAF National Championship to Saturday

Move NCAAF National Championship to Saturday

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Started by Trevor Coleman

For too long the great citizens of the United States have had to make a decision. A costly decision between enjoying the National Championship and responsibly preparing for work/school by going to bed at a decent hour. Much like the Super Bowl, the day following the National Championship is one of widespread apathy and regret in schools and places of business across the country. Unlike the Super Bowl, the National Championship takes place on the same day of the week that currently holds the bragging rights of being the recipient of both the Myrtle Beach and Quick Lane Bowls. 

For the benefit of all, please move the National Championship to its rightful place, the illustrious Saturday; a day synonymous with college football and good times.

In the current day of widespread inflation and long wait times, do you , NCAA, desire to be the cause of yet another wasteful and barren day of productivity within the American workforce? Nay! A move to Saturday would actually be a boon for our economy. Think of all those who turn down social gatherings only to stay home and watch the game in solitude. Johnny needs to party!

Do the right thing. Think of the fans. Think of Johnny.

Thank you.


43 have signed. Let’s get to 50!