More softball/baseball scholarship money, and a paid 3rd assistant coach.

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Baseball and softball players work their entire lives to earn the opportunity to play at the collegiate level. However when it gets time to be recruited, even with a scholarship opportunity, more often than not the burden falls on the student athlete and their family to pay thousands of dollars in tuition to even make the opportunity they rightfully earned possible. Baseball programs typically have up to 11.7 scholarships to offer 35 student athletes, and at most softball programs have 12. This is not enough, and needs to change. 

Additionally, the NCAA recently announced that the AD's vote failed and they will NOT pass regulation to have a 3rd paid assistant coach in baseball and softball, and that position will remain a VOLUNTEER position. This is all despite outcry and support so that coaches get the financial support they need to live and empower their student athletes, and this announcement is harmful to both the coaches and their players.

Join us in getting the NCAA’s attention, and let’s bring change to both softball and baseball to move the game forward for future student athletes and coaches who will create lifelong impact.