More softball/baseball scholarship money, and a paid 3rd assistant coach.

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NCAA Petition Update


It is amazing how we have all come together in the last 24 hours to attempt to finally spur necessary action and change for student athletes and coaches everywhere. So far, we have over 3400 signers at this current moment! This is great progress, but we need to keep the momentum. Here is how to help get this to 10,000 signers and beyond:

1. Share the link to this petition on your Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook. 

2. Retweet my original tweet @ajtuccio to your followers. 

3. Share this link with your teammates, friends, and connections and get them to sign. 

This is definitely a solid 5 minutes of work, but if some of you join me in furthering this action, we can keep this rolling and get the attention and results we need to bring a change. Thanks to all for being involved, and lets keep pushing! 

-Alex Tuccio

Alex Tuccio
2 years ago