Let Shea Play

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The case of Shea Patterson's eligibility to play football for the Univerity of Michigan in 2018 is currently being considered by the NCAA.  As part of the Ole Miss 2016 recruiting class, Shea and other recruits were misled by Ole Miss just 12 days prior to National Signing Day as to the extent of the NCAA allegations.  Once the NCAA Infractions Committee handed down the penalties against Ole Miss incl 3 years probation, a 2 year post season ban, amongst other penalties, Shea elected to transfer to Michigan at the end of the 2017 season. 

Normally transfering student athletes would have to sit out 1 year, but Shea is seeking a waiver for immediate eligibility.  However, despite Ole Miss admitting to and accepting responsibility for their violations, they are attempting to block Shea Patterson's waiver request.  Ole Miss could have done nothing and just let the NCAA handle it but but they "chose" to file an objection.

Please sign this petition so that we can send Ole Miss and NCAA a clear message that student athletes like Shea Patterson should not be penalized for the indiscretions of a University, which in this case Ole Miss received 12 sanctions from the NCAA.  And now they want block Shea's eligibility for the 2018 season?  Come on Ole Miss and NCAA, do the right thing.

Let Shea Play!