Expand the college football playoff to 8 teams from 4.

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Today, December 3rd, the 4th annual college football playoff was decided. The first 3 teams were locked in after winning their respective conferences. The 4th spot however, could have been filled by 3 teams, each of which had pros and cons. On one hand, you had a 2 loss big ten champion (Ohio State) a 2 loss PAC 12 champion (USC), and on the other you had a 1 loss non-conference champion (Alabama). In the end, Alabama was given that 4th spot, but I find myself asking the same question that many other Americans have in mind- are there really only 4 teams worthy of competing for a national championship? My proposal to the NCAA and the College Football Playoff Committee is to expand the playoff from 6 teams to 8 teams. This would give every power 5 conference (Big Ten, ACC, SEC, Big 12, and PAC 12) champion an automatic bid, as well as 3 wild card teams who could also make an interesting case. If the playoff was an 8 team playoff, then both of the conference champions who did not make it this year, would have made it, as well as the team who made it over both of them (Alabama), another team who had an undefeated season and won their conference (UCF) and one more team at large. This would end the issues that the CFP committee faced during their selection process, make the playoff more entertaining which would in turn draw a larger audience, and bring in more revenue to the NCAA. This is a serious issue that not only myself, but thousands of other college football fans have voiced our concerns over. It is time for a change in the college football world.