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Vote NO on S.B. 76


S.B.76 strongly encourages the Governor to pursue offshore drilling compacts with Virginia and South Carolina, authorizes the Mining and Energy Commission and DENR to begin issuing permits for fracking on March 1, 2015 BEFORE regulations have been approved, eliminates the registration requirement for landmen; removes the State's Geologist from the MEC; and assorted other undesirables.

Yes, the usual suspects are at it again. Senators Rucho, Newton and Brock have filed this bill [Domestic Energy Jobs Act] to facilitate and escalate offshore drilling and horizontal hydraulic fracturing. Say goodbye to the tourist industry! Say goodbye to safe havens for whales along the coastline. And while we're at it, let's fight our own Navy who vehemently opposes offshore drilling.

Please sign this petition and send it to your contacts. North Carolina deserves better!

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