Remove Confederate monument from Onslow County Courthouse

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The Onslow County Courthouse is supposed to be a place where citizens receive equal and exact justice, and no citizen should be caused to think otherwise by any person or object. However, the receipt of fair and exact justice at our courthouse is not the perception of all the citizens of Onslow County, because some are met by a monument that symbolizes racism, hate, and inequality upon their entrance. 

This monument is not just some stone statue to decorate our courthouse in an effort to make it more aesthetically pleasing, nor is it just a memory of benign history. This monument is a confederate monument purposely erected in 1957 to intimidate black people and white civil rights supporters at the start of the civil rights movement. It is also meant to celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy; disregarding the death, disregarding the enslavement, and acts of terror and treason that it actually represented.

Petitioning for the removal of this monument from the front of our courthouse is about showing the citizens of our county that our local government acknowledges and understands that all citizens have the right to receive fair and exact justice as well as the perception of the same, and there should be no person or edifice to cause them to think any differently especially at the porch of a courthouse.

We therefore are demanding legislation to be drafted to properly effect its removal and relocation to a more appropriate location.