NC Gov. Cooper needs to suspend all rents & mortgages during the continuing COVID19 crisis

NC Gov. Cooper needs to suspend all rents & mortgages during the continuing COVID19 crisis

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Governor Cooper,

Thank you for your hard work in this time of worldwide crisis. Millions of North Carolinians are being impacted by the COVID - 19 outbreak and the continued rise in COVID19 cases in NC. Your May 30th Moratorium has expired. You repeatedly say in your live conferences: "stay HOME stay SAFE",  but most of your constituents are still out of work or have greatly reduced hours and income and are UNable to make their housing payments and/or meet banks/lenders and landlord's demands for current/past due debt, and are living under imminent threat of UNsafe conditions and homelessness.

There needs to be a total OPEN ENDED pause on mortgage and rent payments in NC. , since suspending foreclosures and evictions temporarily DOES NOT wholly or SAFELY protect NC citizens from COVID19 related losses and struggles - neither now or after the crisis has abated.

You enacted a temporary Rent & Utility Moratorium on May 30, 2020, but homeowners and renters still need protection since the Moratorium has EXPIRED! Many of your constituents have very little-0 income right now and current demands for mortgage and rent payments, without any care towards homeowner's or renters safety and security of having shelter during this Pandemic, is causing much undue strain and stress on NC citizens and is potentially putting them into deadly harms way. 

Demands of accrued payment debt(s) or penalties by banks/lenders and landlords, plus unfair, unreasonable and unliveable raises in rent (discussed below) & massive Eviction filings with our courts, are causing widespread UNSAFE homelessness and suffering. Current and post-COVID19 crisis demands also bring forth undue and overwhelming floods of people into Assistance Agencies, strangling our state's assistance capabilities.

Rent amounts are already way out of control and have been for years (CA. rent amounts in an area where min.wage is over $4 LESS, with NO % & time-limit cap to keep landlords from grossly exceeding NC's cost of living) as described and graphed on (note how many hours someone has to work to afford just their rent, & the % per county of COST BURDENED citizens!).  Homeowners are raising their already astronomical rents to ludicrous, UNLIVEABLE amounts to make up for their income losses due to the COVID19 crisis, in order to ensure THEY continue to have safe shelter &/or future rental income.  You must see how they are all connected because you did enact the May 30th Moratorium, but now is the time to ensure ALL Carolinians CAN, as you say, "Stay HOME & Stay Safe" without ANY fear for their safety, security and health. 

We are all suffering in the same manner: loss and lack of income with little-no relief, massive delays on Unemployment claims, half-of-normal-income Unemployment payments, College/University closings/cancellations which is causing students to leave their rentals ('break their lease(s)"), plus limited number of CARES Package ("stimulus") payments to be received for each individual (ie: one-time payment vs. multiple payments) and MASSIVE DELAYS of the current CARES Package  payments. SOME of your constituents NEVER RECEIVED A STIMULUS thanks to fancy loophole wording without care to *EVERY* US citizen

No matter how you look at it, each NC citizen's income - young and old - has been drastically slashed and their lives dramatically changed. With the statewide Stay-HOME-Stay-Safe Phase-2 advisory in effect - "HOME" (shelter) being the operative word - it is imperative we protect the people in this time of need. 

Govenor Cooper, we thank you for your leadership and ask that you IMMEDIATELY enact an OPEN ENDED MORATORIUM suspending Mortgage & Rent (& utility) payments during this CONTINUING COVID19 crisis, with stipulation that there will be no penalties levied or demands for accrued debt (interest; mortgage or rent payments) at any time after you have officially declared the crisis to be over and there is no more danger from the COVID19 Virus. This will protect ALL North Carolinians, your constituents, now and after the crisis has abated.

We are all in this together. Thank you. 

**UPDATE: 8/5/2020** Gov. Cooper announced continuing in Phase 2 and said multiple times, "Stay HOME stay SAFE". We canNOT stay HOME if we do not have one, thanks to the May 30, 2020 Rent, Mortgage & Utility Moratorium being EXPIRED! We STILL NEED PROTECTION with an OPEN ENDED MORATORIUM that extends relief until the crisis is DECLARED to be OVER!


November IS NOT THAT FAR OFF, GOVERNOR! Either you care, or you don't.

** UPDATE 7/1/2020 ** Please read the recent Updates, posted separately & below the Petition, for fantastic news & more information! Edited Petition to reflect May's small victory