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Family home childcare Providers in NC should not have to give up their 4th amendment right

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Many of the Family Child Care Providers in NC are aggrieved by this new rule or statue and its application to us as entrepreneurs and as early educators.  This new implementation of a rule requires a state consultant to walk through the providers whole house and look in bathrooms, bedrooms, master suites, closets, and outdoor properties such as sheds and vehicles each visitation.  Although, some of our licenses state we must keep the children ground level only, they insist that we must give them a key to locked doors and allow them to walk upstairs into our private sanctuaries.

  If we do not provide a key the provider is urged to take the children with them while they tour the home, consequently, breaking another rule [.1719(6)] for removing the children from the safety areas approved by the building inspector and state, thus causing more liabilities. Additionally, some children may have disabilities and escorting the consultant will be incomprehensible.  Many of us have pets that abide in these rooms as well.

This action is violating our families 4th amendment rights and severely intrusive.  Many of us have spouses that maybe enjoying the comfort of their home like citizens are allowed to do, without being dehumanized, devalued and infringed upon.

We were told if we do not sign a form stating how the consultant can walk through our whole home and whole property every time we will lose our state license.  Subsequently, leaving us with feelings of stress and duress to sign away our constitutional rights.  The daycare room, hall and bathroom are the normal rooms that are monitored inside and the playground area outside.

Our community has lost a lot of wonderful family childcare homes because many providers feel the overwhelming feelings of despair, overregulating and a zeitgeist to stifle the growth of family childcare homes. 

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