Stop 5G Base Station on Broken Head Rd, Newrybar

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On behalf of the Stop 5G Northern Rivers NSW Group, we would like to unequivocally object to the proposed expansion works at Broken Head Road, Newrybar NSW 2479. Please sign this petition to immediately halt any plans for proposed works at this site. 

We believe that the upgrades proposed at Newrybar will eventually allow capabilities to be increased to 5G. Yet, to date, no telco, no government, no regulatory body, and no council can guarantee the safety of this next generation of technology. 

According to Physicians for Safe Technology, while 5G uses 10GHz to 300GHz, it will not just be using 5G short wavelengths to transmit data but will integrate 5G with current 3G and 4G systems, with plans to add much of the remaining spectrum in the microwave frequencies. In other words, 5G will at least initially be a blend of previous generations of communications networks.

What we are concerned with:

  • When proposed works to an existing mobile phone tower are deemed to be 'low impact', they don't require planning permission from local councils. But in reality, 'low impact' means low visual impact and has nothing to do with health, yet it is easier for the telcos to install.
  • At higher power densities, cell tower studies show that symptoms of microwave radiation sickness occur within about 300m of a cell tower.
  • More than 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrate harm to human health from RF radiation. Other vital research supporting this view is available from the Independent Oceanic Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association Inc (ORSAA) and the Bioinitiative Report.
  • In 2017, the 5G Space Appeal (now signed by over 240 scientists and doctors from 40 countries) was submitted to the European Commission. The appeal recommends a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. As of July 30, 2019, 134,450 people and organisations from at least 198 countries have signed this appeal.
  • While industry continues to state that evidence in relation to harm from RF-EMR is inconclusive, studies that review the sources of funding and scientific bias regarding mobile phones and brain cancer show otherwise. Huss et al. (2007) performed a systematic review regarding the association of mobile phone use and brain tumors in relation to funding. He found that industry studies showed a positive association 33% of the time, whereas non-industry studies showed an 82% association.
  • Current guidelines for non-ionizing radiation exposure were developed over two decades ago and are based on heating of tissues over short exposure periods (6 mins for controlled and 30 mins for uncontrolled exposure). There is an international scientific consensus that the current 'safety' guidelines for radiofrequency electromagnetic energy used in wireless technologies are outdated and not adequate. There are no long term exposure guidelines, nor are there guidelines for low level, non-thermal or biological effects considered in the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) standards, which are the basis for standards used worldwide. 

Based on these compelling factors, we ask that you please sign this petition to halt any plans for proposed works at Broken Head Tower in Newrybar.