Upgrade the New Norfolk NBN tower (to increase speeds in Lachlan and other suburbs)

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Myself and others in Lachlan and various other Derwent valley suburbs, Tasmania 7140 are experiencing incredibly slow nbn internet speeds. I have fought with Telstra and Optus for around 100 hours in the last few months trying my hardest to resolve it for my personal residence to no avail and even some tears along the way from frustration.

I am fed up with paying for a service that cannot be provided (currently I get roughly 0.25mbps download in peak and 2 mbps in non peak times) and being treated as if I don’t matter. While we had an upgrade recently to the nbn tower, it appears this only allowed for more users on the system and not to assist the congestion issues in fact some say the speed got worse after the upgrade while others have been lucky. Optus and Telstra have admitted here is a congestion issue and that they cannot help. 

The next upgrade for this area is supposedly due in the first quarter of 2019. But let’s be honest can we believe that’s actually going to happen and should we have to wait that long! I know there are plenty of people in Lachlan and surrounding suburbs experiencing the same issue, bulk voices will help as they did with the recent ‘upgrade’ that occurred. 

I would like to get the residents of The Derwent Valley affected involved in this petition to pressure the nbn into an earlier resolution.