Speeding Up The National Broadband Plan

Speeding Up The National Broadband Plan

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Started by Javed Horgan

Back Story

As you know the National Broadband Plan got the green light in early to mid 2019. it has come to light that they (NBI) have only connected about 3300 homes in the last 2 years out of the 554000 homes that need to be connected under this initiative. This means that at this rate the country will be connected to broadband in 336 years. This is an absolutely appalling figure and this shows that the company involved isn't capable of connecting all of our homes and the company is costing the tax payer 3.5 billion euro and there seems to be little to no progress at all. 


We can see that with a lack of broadband there is very little opportunity for a person to expand their knowledge with websites using a heavy load of technologies to power their back end, a 10 Megabit connection is simply not good enough anymore and with more and more channels turning to digital platforms such as Disney Plus for Disney Channel, our children now have limited access to the channels that they enjoy the most. With college admissions on the rise as you can see with the points on an upward trajectory we need to see higher speeds for internet intensive websites that Universities such as UCC with their canvas Virtual Learning Environment, a simple thing such as submitting an assignment could be the most frustrating thing for a person. Also with education we are missing a talent pool of over 500 thousand households because they have no access to education as they do not have the required infrastructure to be able to access their content or their course work. 

Future Proofing 

Future proofing our households is extremely essential to finding solutions to global warming, this gives more people the chance to work from home and regenerate underserved areas and breed new life into them as a whole. By speeding up this process it can improve the quality of life for people in underserved areas and enhances the response to the home working environment. 

Basic Necessity 

Broadband in the last few years has crossed the path from being a luxury where it was mostly used for fun to becoming a basic necessity for households across the nation. Broadband enables communities access to services that used to be available on the phone but now those phone services have been replaced with online services such as the revenue service, this is now an online service on a heavy website that requires at least 15 Megabits to run smoothly, most of the intervention area is only running on 1.5 megabits with is dial up speeds. PS Dial up is ancient and slow and is obsolete. 


National Broadband Ireland and the Government of Ireland are handling this situation very poorly and there needs to be action taken to speed up this heavily expensive project on the tax payer and to afford more opportunities to a prosperous country and nation. This is your country Sign this petition to show its yours, If this doesn't work I will arrange LEGAL protests at their head office and the Oireachteas to get this essential piece of work done properly and efficiently to get you the broadband you deserve. 

9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!