Stop reporting the photos and name of anyone that perpetrates a mass killing.

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If we could stop one school shooting by removing the motive, notoriety, would this action not be worth it? Does the media not have a sense of responsibility to society as in how the release of this information causes harm? Why not refer to the perpetrators as John Doe, or better yet Coward Doe. Stop releasing their name and picture and let's remove the fuel from this fire. The Florida Parkland shooter is receiving unprecedented amounts of fan mail, money and support all because of the reward in notoriety the news outlets bestowed on him. The media has made him infamous, how long before another wants the same attention? This is not an effort to change the 1st amendment, only a plea for the news outlets to do what is right, take ownership of their actions and to stop causing harm by releasing the name and photos of what the FBI classifies as a mass killer. 

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