Stop NBC’s “Mail Order Family” Comedy!

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NBC Not Moving Forward w/"Mail Order Family" But Is It Progress?

GABRIELA USA acknowledges NBC's statement: "...NBC Entertainment executives have responded to concerns over 'Mail Order Family,' a new comedy reportedly being developed by the network...The writer and producers have taken the sensitivity to the initial concept to heart and have chosen not to move forward with the project at this time." ( However, we remain vigilant on the issues that affect Filipino women and continue to demand a meeting with NBC executives and producers of "Mail Order Family" to educate them of the true plight of Filipino women and the economic conditions of the Philippines which forces them into the mail order bride industry and other exploitative industries. Thank you for your continued support. If you would like to join the efforts of GABRIELA USA in your local area please contact us and fill out our interest form ( Follow GABRIELA USA on Twitter @Gabriela_USA and on

6 years ago