Save "The Village" Tv Show!

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"The Village" premiered on NBC on March 19, 2019, and had one season consisting of 10 episodes. It started out in the time slot right after "This is Us" which I think was perfect, but then they changed it to an earlier time slot which I believe hurt the show a bit since it was up against other shows. 

This show is VERY original, all of the characters have a different story which completely draws you in. As soon as I saw the previews for it I knew I HAD to watch it and right away it became one of my favourite shows to watch. I have been reading comments on different websites/social media platforms and it seems there are a lot of fans of the show that feel the same way. To hear it was cancelled completely devastated me, and I still don't understand the reasoning for the cancellation.

It averaged over 4 million viewers per episode, which was pretty consistent week to week. I have seen shows with less viewers get renewed. I don't think NBC gave the show a fair chance, and the season finale was incredible. It left so many stories open, with us viewers wanting more, wanting to know what happens in the characters' lives. I've become invested in the show and I refuse to accept that the "season finale" is now a "series finale."

I'm hoping another network realizes the show's potential and picks it up for a second season. I'm creating this petition in hopes that this will happen, so myself and the loyal fans won't be left in disappointment. Please sign and share with everyone you know, The Village deserves another chance!