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Save "About A Boy"

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When About a Boy first aired on NBC Network, I initially thought it to be a sweet and funny comedy. Like many, I was drawn by Minnie Driver, but was absolutely blown away by how endearing and funny David Walton and Benjamin Stockham were. The amazing cast however, was ONLY the beginning. By the end of season one, this show had taught us that it was not only "OK" to be different, that it was awesome. 

In a time when televisions shows (and entire networks) are teaching our youth that sex and drugs and fitting in is what's cool, this show is eloquently spending time making us laugh; and all the while teaching us that being an individual is important. I could go on and on about the positive messages that About a Boy clearly emanates. 

This show is smart, funny, and something that my entire family can watch absorb a positive message from. I can't imagine ANY sponsor that wouldn't want to associate themselves with such a wonderful program. If critics are to be listened to, this show rated a 7.6/10 on, and a 7.9/10 on Tv.Com.

I am not someone that creates petitions. I am someone that believes we typically are so very too small and insignificant to the larger powers to matter. But in a world where I have so little voice, if About A Boy has taught me anything, it would be to start this petition, and believe that it's magic will carry it to something greater.

It will be an absolute shame if NBC cancels this show without a second thought. I honestly was PROUD of NBC for airing such a positive show. I respectfully implore NBC to take a second look at this decision, and consider the programming it creates and how much that it means to it's viewers.

Respectfully Yours,

Dale Richard

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