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Last season on The X-Factor, a contestant got brought back due to a negative response from America. After Caroline Glaser's elimination, there seems to be a similar reaction. This petition is to get Caroline Glaser back on The Voice!

Letter to
NBC's The Voice
Tonight on The Voice, fan-favorite Caroline Glaser got eliminated. There are several reasons that this is the most unfair elimination in the history of The Voice.
1. Online votes were not counted for. I do not know about everyone else, but my entire family voted for her... online. I got so many friends to vote for her... online. These votes were not counted for!

2. Adam clearly did not have enough time to think it through. The schedule tonight was packed with performances and eliminations, so towards the end of the show, time was running out. He should have had more time to pick.

3. Caroline ranked above most contestants on iTunes, including Judith Hill, who got through with less iTunes sales. In fact, only Sarah Simmons, Amber Carrington, Danielle Bradbery, Sasha Allen and Michelle Chamuel. Caroline was above the rest. This says a lot about her popularity.

Why should NBC bring Caroline back?

The profit! Since her audition, Caroline has been one of the popular contestants on iTunes! Her audition, battle, knockout, and playoff songs were some of the most popular. I'm sure NBC makes a good profit from all of these people buying her performances. Why give up profit?

Many people expressed that they were "done with this show" or not watching. They're losing viewers because of unfair elimination!

What's there to lose? Only the loss of viewers!

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