Renew Blindspot

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Blindspot is the best show in the world and the best show I've ever seen in my life. I just love and I'm very much in love with Blindspot. I love Blindspot without limits. Blindspot is a HYMN.

Blindspot has become my home and my world.

NBC can not cancel the BLINDSPOT because if you cancel, you will not only be making a mistake and an injustice, but mainly taking away my happiness but also the joy of millions of fans and people who love this amazing show like I do.

Blindspot deserves more recognition, respect and more appreciation.

It's  Blindspot and the Blindspot cast that makes me happy and makes my days so beautiful and happy. They complete my day.

Blindspot deserves the best in the world.

There are many stories to be told and remembered.

There are lots and lots of tattoos, puzzles and cases for my best team to solve.

My best team and my favorite FBI Agents: Jane Doe, Kurt Weller, Natasha Zapata, Edgar Reade, Patterson and our FBI consultant Rich DotCom They deserve more.

There are more stories about Jeller being intertwined and told. I need my best couple. I love Jeller more than anything in this world. We all need our Jeller. We all need Blindspot.

There are many things to tell, move, smile and cry.

We want the renewal of our best favorite show!

We fans deserve Season 5!

Blindspot is the best show of all time. Blindspot gives us each other, but Blindspot also gives us a family too. 

We want the renewal of our best favorite show!

We fans deserve Season 5!