Raise awareness about the student suicides that occur within Neshaminy High School.

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There are many student suicides within Neshaminy High School that have gone unnoticed and haven't gotten enough attention. We (the students) would appreciate more coverage on these tragedies so that we can raise awareness and inform others that this is a serious problem that needs attention. Everyday in Neshaminy, we have 15 seconds of silence for personal reflection but we don't have moments of silence for our peers/classmates/friends, that have taken their lives. There is obviously a problem and it needs to be addressed. This petition is to inform administration that there is a reoccurring problem, and something needs to be done to get more coverage when it comes to sensitive subjects like suicide.
Remember, these are our peers, friends, and classmates. We're in school 8 hours a day with each other, 5 days a week. Losing even one student is significant, let alone a quantity of students in a few months. Suicide is a serious issue especially in today's society. This petition is to aim to build a strong support network to let others know that if they're seeking help there are peers, classmates, parents, teachers, friends and strangers that are willing to help. We hope to come to some type of agreement that suicide will be discussed more openly within our high school. Although there are fine lines between  glorifying a suicide and raising awareness/ acknowledging it, we are striving to make an impact and establish a happy medium where the problem can be realized, and we can all work together to prevent any future tragedies.