Pitch Kristen Bell to play as Jeannie in a modern "I dream of Jeannie" movie!

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NBC used to produce I dream of Jeannie with writer Sidney Sheldon.

As can be seen easily from acting style and looks Kristen Bell is the obvious choice to be Jeannie as she bears a striking resemblance to Barbara Eden and is a great actor I see playing the part perfectly.

Following Sheldon's death, Author Tilly Bagshawe has written several novels in Sheldon's style, sometimes featuring characters from Sheldon's previous novels so would be another good choice to help with writing the modern movie.

The iconic series ended on May 26, 1970 so it would be well received on May 26 2020 as a 50 year anniversary feature length special or movie (whatever NBC sees as fit). 

With regards to Major Nelson some believe Paul Gross (Due South) would be a good choice however will need a bit of makeup work and hair dye, otherwise he has the look (see Due South episodes for proof) and the "Straight Man" demeanor crucial to the role. 

Now Sony has attempted to get this off to a start before, Can they try again with this particular formula?

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