Please stop making murderers famous.

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No one deserves fame for committing murder. Now is the time to stop giving killers the notoriety that entices others to commit similar crimes. Except in cases where it is necessary to report the perpetrator's name/photograph to stop an act in progress, there is no reason for the media to report mass killers' names/photographs and no reason for anyone to repeat their names on social media. There is no need for the media to interview their families after the crime has been committed. Keep the focus where it belongs: on the victims, the victims' families, and the heroes who work to stop violent crime.

I propose an immediate media blackout on the names/photos of mass killers. The media typically withholds the names of certain crime victims already, and I propose a similar approach. It is not censorship to withhold killers' identities; report their ages and other details, but stop using their names/photos to deny them the viral fame that so many of them seek. In many cases, the perpetrator is tired of being a nobody; killing people shouldn't suddenly make him or her a somebody, and it's within your power to stop this madness now. It's not a radical idea and if withholding their names stops one murder, it will be worth it. I for one hereby pledge not to share their names/photographs on social media and everyone who signs this petition probably feels the same way.

Stop allowing killers to distinguish themselves merely by killing, and they will have one less reason to commit brutal crimes.

Please stop helping killers go viral.

Start the blackout now. #nobody

--Mom of Three

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