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Dear NBC, do NOT air an interview with Alex Jones

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Alex Jones is a man who routinely spreads blatantly false conspiracy theories and uses the media as a platform to espouse his ideas. One of his most harmful statements is the idea that the Sandy Hook shooting was fake, that the school had been closed years before, and that murdered children and grieving families were simply actors. 

These comments have galvanized his audience to harass the families of the murdered first graders, teachers and Sandy Hook's principal to the point that these families have received death threats. A woman was recently sentenced to jail for sending death threats to the family of Sandy Hook's youngest victim, 6-year-old Noah Pozner, and repeating Jones' claim to them that Sandy Hook was a hoax. 

To allow this man to speak on any national platform is both abhorrent and irresponsible. While it is important to report on all political perspectives in this country, conspiracy theories are not a perspective and should not receive any air time. People such as Alex Jones aim to harm others in order to gain fame for themselves, and for a national outlet such as NBC to give this man a voice is a huge blow to the reputation of the outlet. 

Out of respect to the families of Sandy Hook and all others across the country who have been harmed by Alex Jones' hateful words, we ask you not to air his scheduled interview with Megyn Kelly. There is no journalistic benefit to broadcasting a voice such as his.  

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