Petition to change the Hannibal fandom name to Hanniballers

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Ever since the release of the NBC network television show Hannibal, the community surrounding it has been divided. Two main subgroups emerged: those who are called “rainbow meaties”, which are pro-shippers, and the antis. Heated debates within the fandom regarding these two groups have gotten so out of hand, that it is even affecting the fandom name.

The fandom name “Fannibals” has existed since the creation of the show in 2013. It is the name that is commonly used to group the people that are fans of the show Hannibal, hence the title. But, as newer fans begin to appear, all with much varying opinions of each other, the fandom name has become associated with the “rainbow meaties”. According to the personal experiences of me and others, these particular fans aren’t the most friendliest of people nor are they the most accepting of newer, younger fans. Therefore, the name “fannibals” has a bad reputation. 

I will not go into discussion about which group I identify with, as it is unimportant and goes against this entire petition. What I am hoping to achieve is unity and prosperity within the Hannibal fandom. It is quite the impeccable show and it deserves to be appreciated. The amazing dialogue, incredible cinematography and acting that’ll have you sitting on the edge of your seat. There is so much to be loved about Hannibal and the fandom is just an addition to its greatness. 

All of this aside, the name “Hanniballers” is much more exciting and new. Some members of the Hannibal fandom have already started using the name; Others have completely ditched calling themselves a “Fannibal” altogether. Changing the name will  encourage more people to join the fandom and see what we, as a community, have to offer.