Renew Rise For Season 2

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The new television show : rise , deserves to be renewed for season 2 , the fandom is quite small , since it has premiered and the ratings aren't good as other shows but it certainly an amazing new show with complex characters that shows many issues and the hate on rise because it's like glee is the worst complain't okay than should we hate glee for copying high school musical , rise deserves to be renewed for season 2 and for a longer episodes , ten episodes aren't enough please a full season order , rise is pretty much most underrated show in television history 

so make your voice heard ... do you like rise ? are you worried rise will be cancelled ? all you have to do is go to this link ; this link is to make your voice heard from Nbc  

step 1 : choose subject :  feedback on Nbc programme

step 2 : choose a show : choose rise 

step 3 : choose a subject : comment or suggestion 

step 4 : write your email : if you are not comfortable giving away your email to Nbc please contact me at instragram : @risefanboy and i will give you an email i have that i don't use so even though you still make your voice heard by Nbc 

step 5 ; write your beautiful message to Nbc - be sure to state which show you are talking about and tell them , give feedback how rise changed your life or influenced your life because it IS full of lessons that help us all and tell them your hopes for a season 2  

also the message needs to be around 500 words so make sure you use them all because we need it  

step 5 example ( its what as a fan wrote ) : Dear Nbc ,
My name is Alec,NBC made some amazing television shows , but the best one is rise because this television show made me understand that this world is broken , everyone is facing their inner demons , meaning everyone has something they have to deal with everyday . rise deserves to be renewed for season 2 and a full season order because it is so underrated , and Simon story , is the best story ,because it's not a coming out story , but about finding out who he is ,and that's beautiful

step  6 : submit your letter , and Nbc website will say its a success and then you will receive an email that your letter is received and they will get back to you