My husband has been convicted for a conviction back in 1995 we are seeking help sincerely

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The deformation of my husband Martin Hill  and a guy he knew known as Tommie jr. Ransom, two innocent people were wrongfully convicted all for a conviction due to some paid witnesses. The witnesses being as young as they were, got paid to make false statements about these innocent guys and the real killers are free. My husband lost so many years of his life because of this. This case is so horrible they never review the paperwork nor heard other parties stories that would have defended the accusers, instead they never was given that opportunity, and I'm definite that it would have shown their innocence and,  the witnesses would have been caught in their lies if they would have really went through this properly. Justice is all his wife and family are fighting for. We know for sure that if any person in our heart would have committed such a crime of this nature we would not grieve for this sympathy,  we wouldn't dare have the nerve to try to reach out for help if they were guilty to this. Martin Hill was 15 at the time of his conviction and the states say he drove a car and murder some people and he never drove a day in his life then the witnesses said he was in the car just simple lies that needs to be addressed immediately. How long does these guys have to stay incarcerated for something that they didn't do. We need help and  answers for our family.. Please if you can help or know any law students that would like to look into this case for us reach out to us please we are mourning and it's hard to go on each day knowing the truth and there are many people who know this guy Martin Hill story saying the system is rigged. I appreciate any one who read this and willing to help us. Thanks sincerely

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