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GRIMM: Don't Cancel The Little Bit of Escape from Our Awful Reality

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Dear NBC,

Over the years, many shows have came and went. I laughed, I cried, and threw a tantrum like a three year old. As time passed on, I eventually forgot about the show that NBC cancelled and found another one to entertain my endless thoughts. But, something out Grimm has the feeling of "forever". I expected this show, to actually go on for years for many reasons. One, being that if we were to follow the Grimm Fairy tales, the show could go on forever. How exciting it is, to actually go and find the Grimm comic book, and find the story the episode is based on. 

This isn't entirely about me, I'm a 39 year old adult who surely has a million things to do. My children and I started watching this show, during the end of season one and have been hooked every since. I'm pretty certain my daughter has cried a few times knowing the show is ending. Just tonight, as we are nearing towards the end she can't believe this is happening. 

I'm not asking for much, other than an extension of this television program. It's what helps children actually want to read books to follow your episodes. It's what brings some sort of happiness, joy and fear into the lives of many to escape our current reality. Politics and racial ambiguity have taken over the television. All we have ever looked forward to was Grimm. 

Can we please get an extension of the television show? 


When you make that wonderful decision to extend the show for maybe another 3 years, do forward the details of the celebration party so my daughter and I could attend. :) 

To my Grimm fans, please sign and forward this petition. We must get the word out and quickly! We don't have much time!



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