Give Bluprint/Craftsy Instructors their Classes - We'll help you fulfull your promise

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Bluprint has made the difficult decision to close, which impacts many people in different ways.

This petition is on behalf of Bluprint (and Craftsy) Instructors. We would like to propose a solution which will help you fulfill your obligation to provide students with 'lifetime access' to courses they have purchased.

Many instructors (including the ones signing this petition) are already using paid platforms to offer our fans video content for sale. We ask you to grant us the rights to our video classes. In exchange, we will enable all individuals who purchased the courses through you to access them on our platforms instead, free of charge. 

We would ask you to send each of us individually our video files as well as a list of the individuals who purchased our courses as 'Own Forever' classes.

By transferring the rights to each course back to these instructors, you will be able to fulfill your agreement with the students. We will assume responsibility for providing lifetime access to the courses to students who have paid for them. In addition, we will be free to sell the courses to new students at our discretion.

Thank you for considering our solution to this problem!