Get World Synchro on NBC TV

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Synchronized Skating is a rigorous, difficult sport that requires much skill and discipline. Synchronized Skating lacks domestic (USA) and worldwide recognition since the Olympics refuse to add it as an Olympic Sport. NBC Sports Gold does cover Synchronized Skating but it is not televised. NBC does televise pair, ice dance, and singles figure skating but not Synchronized Skating. If NBC were to televise the World Synchronized Skating Championships, or Synchronized Skating events, it would create more worldwide recognition and more of a possibility to add it to the Olympics eventually.

Televise Synchronized Skating to NBC. All other figure skating disciplines are televised, why not synchro? It would create more awareness to the sport and potential to be added to the Olympics.

I started this petition because...
I’m a Synchronized Skating who has dedicated my life to this sport for the past decade. I have watched this sport be forgotten about left and right. It is unfair watching the own skating community look down at this sport and give it 0 recognition. If NBC were to televise it, it would give the sport massive attention and possibilities for young skaters to feel motivated and want to try this sport out.