Get Obama and Biden to Host "Saturday Night Live"

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After Janurary 20, 2017, Barack Obama will no longer be the President of the United States. Not only that, but this also means that Joe Biden will no longer be Vice President either. This not only upsets many people, but it will also leave them with a lot more free time. I propose to you, Lorne Michaels, that you and all of the good people at NBC capitalize on this opportunity to get the two of them to host an episode of Saturday Night Live in 2017. We have already seen the amazing chemistry these two share together, and with the recent surge in memes starring the two, I believe this would be a perfect opportunity. 

Around this time last year, President-elect Donald Drumpf hosted Saturday Night Live, giving you some of your best ratings. Just imagine what kind of ratings you'll get if you have the former President and Vice President hosting this show. The two would obviously work great together, and the potential this would have for your sketches would be great.

(And if you could use this as an opportunity to bring Kate McKinnon's lovely Hillary Clinton back into the show, that would be great as well.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I truly believe doing this would be a great service to our country. 

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