Get Adam Aron to host an episode of Saturday Night Live

Get Adam Aron to host an episode of Saturday Night Live

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Started by AMC Ape

Adam Maximilian Aron is possibly one of the greatest CEOs of the decade and has cultivated an incredible audience of fans that adore his smarts and his shenanigans. He's genuinely funny when he wants to be and would make a great addition to the next season of Saturday Night Live as a host.

Here are the TOP 5 reasons Adam Aron should host SNL:

  1. He is a great leader and negotiator that has brought inspiration to the world with innovations to the movie and popcorn industries. Adam Aron was the subject of a number of high-profile pieces in magazines such as Variety that lauded him and his transformation strategy at AMC
  2. He is a top-notch storyteller, that is able to communicate to the general public with speed and power.
  3. Adam Aron is retiring soon and his admirers would love to see him one last time before he walks off into the sunset.
  4. Ad Age magazine named him twice to its Ad Age 100 – the 100 best marketing executives in the US. In 2007, Travel Weekly magazine named him to its Club 33—the 33 most influential executives in travel and tourism worldwide.
  5. Adam Aron took the unusual step of publicly engaging with his investor base via Twitter. He follows about 1,000 AMC retail stockholders on the platform.

Adam is not limited to just these reasons. He is an incredible, charitable, and popular celebrity that would add unique value and bring new audiences to the Saturday Night Live audience.

20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!