End Reddington's dry spell

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It's time for Reddington to get some action. After being on the run with Lizzy in 3A and then having to get her back, all before having serious attacks to his criminal empire, it is long past time for him to get a little... stress relief, if you will. He's had it hard lately, and if his last best was Madeleine Pratt in Florence before she decided to put him up for auction to the highest bidder, he needs to do better.

Also, we the fans have not seen Spader in a love scene since 2004. Have pity. The pixelation in The Office, though titillating, was sadly lacking in the fulfilment department. We know it's a major broadcast network, but work your magic. If you can tease some skin by showing us his back and the scarring, let's see what we can get away with on Wednesday nights! For science. 

Or falling short of that, goose marketing into patenting some Reddy Bears. Like Paddington, only Reddington. Fedora, not rain hat. Half kidding. 

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