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NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, & all other Media: Get OUT of Newtown! It's time for you to go home.

The people of Newtown are greiving. They are begging the media to leave their town and let them be.  They do not want you at their funerals, their schools, their vigils, and embedded in their town. The children of Newtown are asking their parents when this will stop. MAKE IT STOP NOW!

Letter to
NBC NEWS-Especially our local WVIT
and 1 other
CBS News
Dear News Media,
The people of Newtown CT. are in mourning. They desperately need to be allowed to begin their process of healing. The constant barrage of news cameras and reporters embedded in their lives is unneccessary and unkind. You are no longer reporting news, you are simply rehashing pain and tragedy every hour of every day. Parents have enough questions to answer for their children. "When will the cameras go away" ? and "Will it always be like this"? should not be among them. We are sick of seeing these parents pleas, in writing, asking you to leave- only for you to ignore them. Please get out of Newtown and leave these people to find whatever peace they can salvage. Don't put your ratings before the hearts and souls of Newtown. PLEASE GO HOME.

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