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Allow online access to the Olympic Games regardless of cable subscription

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It is hard to imagine any other event that so unifies the world as the Olympic Games. Not only do the games increase an individual's pride in his or her country but reminds each person that we are all human. The Olympic games unite us in our common human experience as we share joy, victory, celebration, excitement, and even loss and disappointment.

This is why we are disappointed in NBC for not allowing online access to the games for all people. Instead, their exclusive coverage discriminates against those who do not have cable subscriptions. (The free online streaming is available only for those with cable, the very people who wouldn't need to watch the Games online anyway!) It is shocking that in the 21st century when so much material is shared freely through the Internet that a giant corporation would withhold one of the most unifying worldwide events just to make whatever profit they could. It's as though they do not believe the "Go World" mantra, and have replaced it with "Go NBC" as they selfishly think of themselves when the Olympics symbolize the world as one.

Sign the petition against NBC to lay down any pride they have in their own company and allow everyone to join in the games and have pride in being human.

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