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Remove Advertisements on NBA Jerseys

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The NBA is beginning a three-year "test run" for ads on jerseys starting in the 2017-2018 season that will be 2.5-inches by 2.5-inches. It can be easily inferred that this move by the NBA was made with the knowledge that most fans would not approve and with the hope that most fans would not care enough to express their concern in an organized fashion. This petition is crafted to manifest fan opposition by organizing a boycott of NBA products until the NBA releases a statement that they will cease this practice as soon as possible.

This petition cites the following grievances with ads on jerseys 

- The square, though seemingly small, can still be seen and is very unattractive. This is especially the case when the ad is of a different color than the rest of the jersey, such as the bright red Infor logo on the upcoming Brooklyn Nets uniforms.

-Though the ads have started small, there is opportunity for an increase in size if the pilot program is successful at desensitizing the fan base to the concept. This could conceivably result in “soccer-like” jerseys, where eyesore ads are as big as the team logo. 

- Revenue from the jersey ad space is not necessary given the myriad of opportunities for ad space during NBA games. This includes commercials during timeouts, logos on stat graphics, announcer shout-outs, on-court graphics, logos printed on the backboard, and many more examples that have been squeezed into every nook and cranny on the television screen. If the NBA games, like soccer games, had no commercial breaks then putting ads on jerseys would be understood as a more of a necessity. This is clearly not the case.

- Ads on jerseys “cheapen” the game. Though this is the most intangible grievance, it is also the most important and the main reason why many fans oppose ads on jerseys. This comes from the idea that the players look less dignified when wearing jerseys with ads. On the court, Lebron James should not be a billboard. He should be Lebron James, NBA superstar.

 By signing this petition and pledging to boycott NBA products until the condition is met, you exercise your power as a consumer to enjoy products as you deem them fit and help preserve the dignity of the sport you love to watch.







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