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Teams from all over the league have been disgustingly shut down by biased, rigged, corrupt officiating in games and it's time that consistent, fair reffing was seen in every game, no matter who's playing. There are a handful of players in the league that seem to get what people call "reputation calls". There are make-up calls (calls given to a team based on a previous call on the other team), and bad officiating all around, yet when these things are addressed by the NBA, rarely are there reprocussions for these refs. This needs to change. Why is it that when a player or coach says something ''out of line', they are fined or suspended? Yet the same thing does not happen to officiators when they make poor, or biased calls. If this was any other job, and the employers got away with what the refs get away with, there would be outrage. They would be fired. 

This is not fair to the fans as they watch their teams have the life sucked out of them due to refs controlling the game. This game is for everyone, not just the elite. 

Also the 'last 2-minunte report' is total horse shit. Either review the entire game, and assess if there was any bias or poor officiating/any other issues with the teams..... Or just don't review the game at all. 

To Commissioner Adam Silver, and the NBRA Officials: Apologies aren't enough anymore. We won't stand for this any longer. You will see fans boycott viewing, purchasing, promoting, and supporting your corrupt agenda across all teams if you do not take action. Enough is enough. Time for fair gameplay across the board.