Transparency in officiating within the NBA FINALS.

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Throughout the 2017/2018 playoffs the Cleveland Cavaliers have been plagued by phantom calls, missed calls, and outright negligent officiating. The NBA reviews all calls and non calls for the entire game yet only releases their review for the final 2 minutes of each game. Recently the NBA has called for an integrity fee in regards to potential legalized sports gambling across the country. Now is the time for the NBA to step up and release their full game review reports on their officials and bring attention to their repeated failures on the court prior to games 3 and 4 in Cleveland. This will expose the lack of competence of the current officiating crew while allowing the current teams to better prepare in anticipation of future blown/missed calls. The fans that spend their hard earned dollars, the players on the court who play with everything they've got, and the people of Cleveland deserve nothing less. Failure to fully comply with our requests may lead to legal action to force the release of these requested documents so that the under signed petitioners may evaluate any potential negligence on the part of the league/ it's officiating crew, and may result in legal action to recover the costs of tickets, fees associated with attending the 2017/2018 playoffs, and other damages associated with their experience where negligent/corrupt behaviors might have occured. Compliance with this petition in no way represents a waiver of rights in regards to any potential claims nor does it absolve the NBA and/or it's officials from any neglect or wrong doing. Complete transparency is needed to protect the integrity of the league.

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