Ban the Golden State Warriors from the NBA

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LeBron James is the undisputed king of basketball. There's no denying that. Taking this fact into account, it seems clear that the king of the very sport that the NBA is based around should be awarded the highest honor available to any basketball player: an NBA championship ring. While LeBron has indeed won previous NBA finals, he has not been able to claim what is rightfully his in recent years. The reason for this injustice? The Golden State Warriors, a dreadful organization that has essentially ruined basketball for the foreseeable future. Overcrowded with substantial basketball talent, the Warriors' tyrannical reign of terror over the National Basketball Association is downright unfair. The unbalanced nature of the team has resulted in any notion of competition being thrown out the proverbial window. On top of all of this, perhaps their most egregious offense of all is the constant denial of King James from achieving his yearly mandated victory. It is because of the issues listed above that we the people must appeal to the NBA in order for justice to be served, manifested in the form of banning the Golden State Warriors from the league. This applies to everyone, not just the players. From owner to ball boy, every single member of this treacherous organization must never be allowed to step foot in an NBA arena for the rest of their lives. By doing this simple task, the NBA would be making things right. Once again could the fans enjoy competitive basketball, and the rest of the Western Conference could rejoice at finally being able to have a chance to lose to LeBron James in the Finals. Most importantly of all, King James would get the rings he deserves. So please, Commissioner Silver, vanquish this abominable team from our league once and for all. For the King. For the players. For our children. 


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