A Financial Education Sponsorship Program

A Financial Education Sponsorship Program

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Durantae Brooks started this petition to NBA and

            To our United States of America

To Whom it Concerns,

 To all Republican and Democratic Representatives. Making the House Senate through their representative states. That took an oath under these great seals of all 52 States. Where each Individual Citizen has the right to want the American Dream. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In that instant our rising culture is in pursuit of that said happiness. We would like to incorporate a school financial institute surrounded around "shoe production sewing machines", " shoe sole injection molding machine". Given the institute's name "B824" for the loss of our great African-American Sports Icon and his daughter along with six other individuals Kobe and Gigi Bryant. Coming to the realization that we as a culture need guidance and assistance with for going this Mission. We asked our America to partner with our culture. Through sponsorship with other third-party. Letting our youth to be the Forefront. With academics and scholarships, Sports, Drama Etc. Always keeping up with "current events" mainly "currency" to show how dedicated we are in our efforts. We understand slavery is something, no one person can change without the assistance of another individual. "Slavery in itself". Having a closer Community together is the most important task at hand. Our school is and can be a replica of the United States school system with the addition of learning life skills and trades, money management along with the following United States curriculum. We request background checks and monthly inquiries on sponsored adolescents until grade 12. Also that parents be sponsored also as adolescents are being sponsored. With sponsored company vehicles, stipends every month and shoe sole inventory. Partners are required to obtain shoe sole machine for each building classroom along with stipends. Our great country was built on Blood Sweat and Tears that our culture rejoice the tears from what we came from, To who we are today. A sponsorship with the ("NBA Players Association") created by Durantae V. Brooks watching timeouts in halftime procedures. Manifested in idea to add a "bucket list" or "bucket" that can be filled during these times during games throughout the seasons. Proceeds would fund and continue to find the light that shines our future youths the voices of our tomorrow.

                         "Contract Terms" 

A.) We would appoint the Players Association president of the NBA, to our financial advisor for the "B824 program".

1.) Players Association president controls monies from Sport's "bucket list".

30% funded back into school sponsorship program "B824".

40% funded back into student programs (Uniforms, Drama, Debate, and Athletics).

30% remaining funds circulate back to program sponsors, and associates.

2.) Applying paid apps for gaming such as: (EA sports, NBA2K, Rockstar Gaming, etc). Apparel from sponsors.

3.) Identification cards(I.D) for program purposes (gaming, shows, plays, movies, Etc).

4.) Contract agreements to follow all guidelines printed.

5.) A credit or credit card for parents through adolescence grades and public manners. "Profiling DON'T FILE ME".

6.) A safety precaution procedure before engaging conflict with law enforcement.

7.) Honors students receive access to professional events.

8.) Adolescence upon entering 7th grade go into their fields or careers. By signing contract agreements through grades and behavior.

   B.) If A.) guidelines can't be met. Adolescence can be sponsored through persons other than parent, (district schools or state, and or professional athletic sponsors).

1.) All rules apply as if sponsors is Parent or Guardian. Refer back to part (A).


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!