NB Government Recognize Effects of Long Covid

NB Government Recognize Effects of Long Covid

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Blaine Higgs (Premier of New Brunswick) and

Why this petition matters

Started by Josh Floyd

Covid 19 has evolved and is no longer the same. No longer do we just have Covid-19 to worry about but its lingering effects as well, known as long Covid.

459 New Brunswickers have been identified as Covid-19 long haulers, including at least ten children, according to the Telegraph Journal (April 04, 2022). But so far, neither the federal nor provincial governments have developed a plan for treating this condition. They have not yet even defined it!

We know the most common symptoms of long Covid include crushing fatigue, constant low level pain in joints and persistent brain fog, according to Mount Allison University biology professor Vett Lloyd (Telegraph Journal, April 04, 2022). Studies from around the world show anywhere from five to 60% of those of us diagnosed with Covid-19 will develop long Covid. However, neither the federal nor provincial governments have allocated funding for it. The Higgs government has yet to come up with a plan to deal with it.

We, therefore, advocate the following, that:

1) the Province allocate funds to the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health to conduct thorough study and research into the effects of long Covid and the needs of those who suffer from it.

2) the Province study, research and define long Covid and its effects, and identify the needs of those who contract it and what must be done to help them.

3) the Department of Health devise a plan about how to best diagnose and treat those who contract long Covid that includes any needed additional medical treatments and/or facilities and any required public health advisories or restrictions. Such a plan needs to account for the needs of New Brunswick’s most vulnerable citizens, including seniors, low income earners, people with disabilities, the immuno-compromised and others who may be at risk

4) the Province allocate funding in the health care budget for the the plan, including treatment of long Covid and its effects



98 have signed. Let’s get to 100!