BAN Backyard Breeders and Puppy Mills in New Brunswick, Canada

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To increase Minimum Standards of Care for Animals in NB

To Ban Backyard Breeders and Puppy Mills  in NB

To define and implement the Code of Practice into the Regulations under the SPCA Act of NB

To request that the Courts impose the maximum sentences allowed for anyone found guilty of animal cruelty. 


The backyard breeder is the single greatest cause of pet overpopulation.  The results of backyard breeding are devastating.

Although you might pay less for the breed of your choice from a backyard breeder, it's almost a given that in the long run, you'll pay a good deal more in vet bills and perhaps emotional bills (if the dog has to be euthanized due to a health or temperament problem), than you would from a reputable breeder.

Did you know that operators of pet establishments (an animal shelter, a pet retail store or kennel) across New Brunswick are required to obtain a licence under the Pet Establishment Regulation of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act?  Licences must be renewed annually.

This licence also applies to anyone selling puppies/dogs for profit a.k.a. your typical backyard breeder which we can also refer to, in most cases, as puppy mills.

Unfortunately, if they are providing the minimum standards of care, food, water, shelter they are untouchable.  They line their pockets with tax-free cash and continue overbreeding their “pets”.  The Pet Establishment Licence means nothing. Where are these so-called breeders? Everywhere! They sell on kijiji, online advertising sites, Facebook, but you rarely get to see where these cute little puppies are actually living or what their parents look like. Pictures can be very deceiving. Many of these dogs live in deplorable conditions that MIGHT be checked by authorities only once a year. What happens the other 364 days? When they offer to meet you offsite to make it easier for you to get your puppy, think ---, Why don’t they want you at their location?  Many dogs and litters live in separate buildings, all alone with very little human socialization or care.

What happens to these puppies after you hand over the cash?  Hopefully they have the best life possible, it’s not their fault they were born so if for some reason they are not what you had hoped for, don’t expect to get help from the breeder.  If they soon develop health problems, temperament issues, etc., it could mostly be due to bad breeding because your typical backyard breeder doesn't care; once they are out of sight, they are your responsibility.   If it’s not what people signed up for, what happens to the puppies?   They are surrendered to a shelter, taken in by a rescue or abused and discarded like garbage.  So many will say "we were lucky we got a healthy puppy, OR "our puppy had no issues, we love him dearly", if so, then count your blessings YOU were lucky.

THIS needs to STOP!

 "For every animal that dies in a shelter there is someone, somewhere that is responsible for its death."