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Say NO to unreasonable fee hike at navrachana

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Update - 10/4/2017 

So, School has rollbacked the hike for now. A good initiative as on date but the fight is not over. Let's make our expectations very clear to avoid any confusions and continue our peaceful protest. The fees we shall be paying for now is in good faith and trust with school authorities and we hope to receive the same during fee justification.

We clearly understand that a good holistic education with required infrastructure cannot be provided in 15000 and we, parents completely support that but, the same time we strongly feel that the fees collected as of date are also too HIGH (considering, most of the additional expenses are borne by the parents). Now, what is the fee that is called ' RIGHT' fee.? When will it get decided? Will that process be genuine? how do we ensure that the school administrators (super powerful people) will not influence the committee and get their willful fees approved? will the entire justification process be transparent? We request govt to also define some policy to stop the syndicate of book and uniform sellers 

A school is a temple of learning and not battlefield... YES, but school is also NOT a business house to make HUGE profits. 

We request the school authorities and govt officials to ensure that the justification process is transparent and we all parents get completely satisfied by the outcome. 

Pl. sign this petition and forward it to as many. This will get delivered to our education minister and hence more signs, more voice.


We Parents at Navrachana school are surprised by the unreasonable hike by the school administration. We have not received any justification on the hike. It becomes tough when especially a parent with 2 kids studying in the same school and the fees, which are already premium as compare to other schools are been unreasonably hiked.


we urge all the parents to sign the petition to show that we are united against this decision of the school administration.

has school added any new program, facilities, for the kids? we don't think so. so how is the hike justified? 

Educational institutes are not meant to make HUGE profits. we do understand that the school administration needs good money to run a reputed school and give all the facilities to students but unreasonable fees are not justified.

we have a humble request to school authorities to also analyze and introspect on costs and process followed for uniforms, books, shoes. It's a monopoly business ... we don't know WHY.

Parents also incur all other additional costs like field trips, costumes, bus, outbound trips, books, uniforms. The message we are trying to highlight is that the fee as subscribed by the school excludes all of the above and we parents still have an extra load on all these compulsory expenses

Isn't it the right thing for the school to let the parents know about the substantial hike in advance? so that they can plan to continue or look for alternates?.  

we expect School administration to postpone the last day of fee submission till the fee structure is approved by govt.

We as parents request a meeting regarding this to get our questions answered

We as parents request a detailed breakdown of the fee structure


If school administration can convince us that the amount of money they seek from parents is justified then there can be a point of discussion.

pl. forward it to your connects and get our concern heard


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