Move trash collection activity to post 11 pm. Help commuters,shopkeepers, stall owners etc

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The above picture has been clicked outside a popular restaurant in Navi Mumbai at 8 am. The trash collection truck is standing in front of a restaurant during breakfast hours. These vehicles collect trash from small bins that are placed on footpaths. This means they stand a good 5 minutes at each of this spots during the daytime.   Although the civic body officials are doing a great job, the smell from the trash vehicle is unavoidable which spreads and affects people walking on the road, footpath vendors, auto drivers, bicycle users, watchmen, bus users and drivers, traffic police ie anyone that encounters them on the road. The smell is even more troublesome when the trucks are waiting at signals or outside restaurants during peak hours. 
Shifting the time of trash collection to post 11 pm would create a big difference in the daytime environment of the city.
Trash collection during night time would be faster, would cause lesser traffic problems and would be a step towards a more pleasant environment for society. Some would argue that this isn't the best for the trash collectors but if you consider the bigger picture, it is better for both, the trash collectors and common citizens. 
Please support this petition and help the common people by creating a better daytime atmosphere.