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Recently Govt of Odisha has signed an MOU with TATA Trust to set up a Cancer Hospital in Odisha. The decision to set up the hospital in Bhubaneswar is grossly flawed that will fuel the regional disparity because world class tertiary care Hospitals already exist in Bhubaneswar in addition to the AHHCR at Cuttack for cancer patients. The following points reflect upon the reasons/rationale for establishment of a cancer hospital in Bargarh:

1.       Around 12,000 cases of Cancer patients report for incidence of cancer annually in the state. Gastro-intestinal and Oral cancer being the maximum percentage.

2.       About 60% of the total cancer stricken cases in the state belong to people from Bargarh area.

3.       Odisha is the Oral cancer capital of the world with average number of tobacco chewers at 42.9% of the population against the national average of 21.4%. Bargarh has the highest incidence of oral cancer cases in Odisha.

4.        Bargarh, the rice bowl of Odisha uses category 2 pesticides heavily after Malda area of Punjab causing highest incidence of gasto-intestinal & blood cancer.  

5.       The people mostly affected are from financially crippled farming community and it’s not possible for them to bear the travel expenses to Bhubaneswar/Cuttack. 

Solutions to fight the Cancer:

1.      Set up TATA Cancer Hospital in Bargarh.

2.      Put in an intermediary measure till Hospital is built with extension of AHHCR at Bargarh as this Hospital has been granted an aid of Rs 500 Crore by the Centre.

3.      Ban the indiscriminate use of category 2 pesticides immediately and formulate a Bio-Organic policy to replace the chemical fertilizers completely in 2 years.