Free Exercise of Religion

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Free exercise of religion; attends to the sacred, spiritual, and moral aspects of life; and serves to enhance the resilience of Service members, civilians and their families, who form the foundation of the Navy and Marine Corps’ readiness.

One of the many reasons that these programs are greatly needed and important to everyone is that such religious programs is to combat the increasing number of suicides.  By offering Sailors and Marines of all faith groups the opportunity to commune with like-minded individuals and receive religious counseling from their appropriate Command Religious Program (CRP), the resiliency of Sailors and Marines under Naval Base Kitsap Chapel are essential.  

These services are of great relevance in curbing suicides. To be able to communicate with like-minded individuals and express freely without feeling shame and guilt that base the chapel environment offers.  The community itself provides a greater understanding of what others go through.  

The incremental whittling away of the Catholic program needs to stop.  The growth of our active duty members, their families, and our future leaders depend on it.