Support CARES Act Funding for the Navajo People NOW!

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Demand that the 24th Navajo Nation Council approve Legislation No. 0116-20 that will immediately provide over $50 million in CARES Act funds to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hazard pay, and other critical services for the Navajo Nation's first responders, our frontline warriors, and all of the employees who serve our Nation, and most importantly, Navajo people.

The bill creates a unified approach to developingplans for much-needed water infrastructure that will bring clean water to thousands of Navajo families, elders, and high-risk tribal members. We can worktogether to address the great need for electricity, housing, telecommunications, adult-care and daycare facilities, agriculture projects, scholarships for first responders, and more - the types of initiatives that would have long-term benefits for Navajo generations to come. Legislation No. 0116-20 will help us prepare for additional waves of COVID-19 and for future pandemics. With your support of this petition, we can address the needs of the Navajo Nation through the approval of Legislation No. 0116-20! 

By signing the petition, you are standing up for and supporting the Navajo Nation's first responders, frontline warriors, and demanding that CARES Act funding be used to help the Navajo People immediately! Please sign the petition and support Legislation No. 0116-20.

We also encourage you to submit supporting written comments for Legislation No. 0116-20 by e-mail to the three following email addresses:

Legislation No. 0116-20 can be found at: